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DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

Get help with your DIRECTV DVR and receivers.


Unable to make daily call

I've not been able to make the daily call since Sept 28. I've had my Samsung DVR for 2 years and never had this problem until now. I've done the phone

Intermittent reception problems

We have subscribed to Direct TV for 10 years with few problems until recently. We intermittently have a problem where the signal goes out and our TV s

New headers on screen

My question is how many people like the new display on your screen since the new software upgrade? I don't llike it due to the small display and mono

Picture Blocking Up Pixillating

I have a RCA DVR 40 that i recently upgrade to larger HD 265 hours Western Digital (better drive than Maxtor in my opion which comes in most DVRs). I

degree of angle of dish

my zipcode is 85321 please give me the degree to start my set up thanks kenne

Directtv with Networking

I understand that the Directv dvr/hd boxes will not be able to be networked, is this true? If so, is directtv going to ever enable networking. it is a

Intermittent Signal

I have been having problems with intermittent signal interruptions (searching for signal). When checking the signal strength matrix the lost signal is

recordings are stalling, pausing

We were shipped a replacement recorder since ours died the other day. New recorder Hughes series 2 SDDVR 40,This thing hiccups and stalls often. When

Picture breaks up (pixellates) and sound pops periodically

My setup has always had some strange popping and stuttering of the picture but recently it has become so bad that the system is unusable.If I monitor

Manual Autotune problem

When I checked my list of autotuned channels, they were all wrong suddenly. I cleared them all and tried to reprogram. It says successful, but I go ba

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