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DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

DIRECTV DVR & Receivers

Get help with your DIRECTV DVR and receivers.


Caller ID

Since reciving the upgrade my caller id only shows names and dosent show the telephone numbers any fixes out there for this ive seen a number of peopl

Recommendation for a multiswitch

Is there any specific brand recommendations that could be provided for buying a multiswitch? I currently have a dual LNB round dish with two receivers

"You have inserted the wrong access card"...Not...

About a month ago I had to reset my daughter's receiver and when it restarted I got the message "You have inserted the wrong access card" It gave me t

Receiver won't turn on

I have unplug-wait-plugin before receiver comes on with the messages; 1." Hello - Your receiver is starting up" 2. "Almost there, a few seconds more p

RCA Receiver

Receiver has to be reset almost every time we turn the TV on. Screen comes up blank, try turning the receiver off and on, but usually have to unplug a

searching for signal

Everytime it rains, I get a saying telling me it is looking for satiellite signal, Only when it rains..If this happens? what will happen when it snows

Local Channels in HD???

I upgraded to HD a few months ago. I decided to not have DirecTV install an off-air antenna due in large part to the fact that I was told by DirecTV t

Problem with DRD431RE RCA

I have a reciever that shuts down several times a night then takes over a minute to reboot. It powers itself off for no reason at all. It is getting v

telephone numbers

Keep getting a message that my dvr hasn't called in lately. When I go to call in it won't make a connection and says that I need to redial a new numbe

access card/signal

Do you need an active access card to recieve a signal?

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