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Get help with DIRECTV apps that you can view on any TV channel.


Local channel reception

Upon installation in late November (?), was informed that download of software was going to correct a situation of not getting local stations in HD. C

Need router help to make HR20 work right

All software loaded ok, problem is my HR20 does not see the media server all the time. Is there a set up in the router that I am missing. I have a lin


Many of the posts here say to "follow the instructions on the right of the forum panel" in order to download. There are no instructions on the right.

Help with Viiv set up

My DVR has trouble connecting into the network. when TV is turned on and computer is turned on, the two do not see each other. My computer says the me

Intel Viiv Software - What about AMD?

This new feature is addressed as a PC Network capability. What happened to the customers who have AMD based PCs? I downloaded the software and it won'

USB on H20/HR20, DELETE - I Found My Answer

I saw posts saying that you can not use the USB for an external hard drive. Is the USB totally inactive? I would like to get a wireless adapter to use

MCE and DirecTV HR20

I do not have Viiv or MCE right now, although my HR20 does indeed see my computer and the associated music and photo files.I am looking to buy a new d

Connecting Externan Hard Drive to USB Port

Is is possible to connect an external USB hard drive to the H20 and have it play your pictures and music?

how do I participate in the public trial?

i have an HD DVR and would like to learn how to connect it to my PC as well as have full control of scheduling recordings.

Need help connecting HR20 to Non-ViiV PC

I've ready on many forums that if you have Windows Media 11, you don't need ViiV to be able to connect. I've configured the HR20, run all tests, and e

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