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2 Tuner HR20 Question?

is it possible to switch between the 2 tuners without recording the shows, just to switch between the two buffering channels? or is that one of the Ti

Twonky and HR20 not connecting

Can someone help me out or point me in the right direction.I'm using TwonkyMedia and have the ports open on my firewall and linksys router. I am using

Mediaconnect from a Windows 2003 server

I am able to share files to the DirecTV H20 DVR with the new beta program directly from my Windows XP computer with MediaPlayer 11.This is more of a W

Video playback in Beta???

NM this post...I found another post that answered this stating the VIDEO portion of the BETA doesn't work yet......-----------------------------------

Compatible with Mac OSX ?

Is the Tivo software compatible with the Mac OSX platform?

HD DVR with only 1 Connection

I would like to install an HR20 in my bedroom, but I only have one cable drop.Can I use the HR20 with just a single cable input?I realize that I would

Recording and Watching a different program help

Really new in this whole DVR spectrum but how would I record a program and watch another. Should I have two cables connected to the DVR or use some ki

How do you stop it??

Okay, I have my HR20 connected to my network and have both my desktop PC and laptop set up to share their photo and music files. I just tried it out a

HR20 No caller id ?

My HR20 has a message on it when the phone rings " Contact your local phone company to set up caller id" . The problem is that I have caller id set up

signing up for public trial

Can you tell me the procedure to sign up for the public trial?Thanks,

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