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Software update

I bought my S22 ultra usa version of AT&T around 6 months ago.But,it is still not getting one ui 5 update.Software update section shows the system is up to date but the phone is still in one ui 4.1.





Allowing certain numbers in Call Protect

I use the Active Shield/Call Protect app on my Android phone. How do I allow certain numbers to ring through that are identified by the app as Spam/Nuisance so that I can receive the call? I have made the number a Contact, but calls are still being sent directly to voice mail.




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How do I get out of "Select Boot Mode"?

I accidentally got into "Select Boot Mode" screen setting and can't get out of it. I tried the volume up & volume down technique shown on YouTube, but it doesn't work. This has been on my screen for 8 hours. I can't turn off the phone or change the setting in any way. I can't use the phone and a