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Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Tips for how you can take your internet on the go, with Wi-Fi hot spots & more.


Wi-Fi Calling on Unlocked Galaxy S10

My house has no cell service. I upgraded from a Galaxy S8 to an S10 but the ootion for Wi-Fi calling no longer appears. How do I activate this?


9 months ago


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5 minutes ago

Group messaging stopped working on 4-5-2020 iPhone 8

I am not receiving group messaging but my group is receiving my messages. I've tried deleting the chain and starting a new chain. That does not work.

Our business number has hit a spam filter on the AT&T network

Hi There,We're an optometry office that recently seems to have our main number caught in the spam filter network of AT&T and Cricket. How can we get

AT&T SMS/Text Spam List - How to be removed from it?

Hello, Recently one of our business lines that we use for SMS communications to our client and customers has been added to the AT&T SMS Spam list. Cur


2 years ago


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8 hours ago

Hotspot Error Message

Went through all the steps to set up a mobile hotspot. Get a message that says ATT cannot connect. Added 2nd phone for the purpose of using a hotspot

Setting up hotspot on Motorola

Tried to set up hotspot on 2nd phone and keep getting a message that says ATT cannot connect.

MMS Problem

My 11-year-old AT&T HP Veer has been working fine, but recently, even though Voice, SMS, Email and Internet continue to work, I can't send/receive pho


2 days ago


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9 hours ago


I have at t prepaid which I hate cannot wait to get rid of I never set up my mailbox but I look closely and see it's been forwarded. Not to 1 number

Group members limit to 10

When will this be fixed? i can handle spam on my own. It is making about changing providers quickly.


16 hours ago


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13 hours ago

Where do the SMS messages from AT&T disappear to?

I have a prepaid flip-phone (LG) that I use for work related phone calls. Each day I use it for the first time, I get an SMS message from AT&T tellin

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