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Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Tips for how you can take your internet on the go, with Wi-Fi hot spots & more.


MMS group messages. Major issues.

I am only getting some of my text messages that are sent in group messages. It doesn't matter if i am on WiFi or mobile data. The messages prompt me t


20 hours ago


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an hour ago

Accepted Solution

Official Solution

Block the 1-410-100 messages

I am getting text messages from 1-410-100 and I can't block them because the last digit of the number is different. They are from an att phone to an a


2 years ago


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an hour ago


My daughter’s school sent a survey and one the questions-requirements was a reliable internet. I’m sorry Sweetwater Union, No we have At&t.

Sending Individual Text Messaging Issues

I don't know if this is a phone problem or an AT&T problem but I cannot send text messages to anyone individually. Every time I try to send a message

stopping text messages from any computer

How do I stop receiving text messages from any computer?

Advanced Messaging phishing scam

My Galaxy S7 is being flooded with group text messages asking me to turn on advanced messaging.How can I block and delete them?

Extra hotspot allowance?

I was reading on AT&Ts website and saw that 15 gb will be added to the unlimited and more plans hotspot between April 2nd and May 13th. I hit my cap a

Texts downloading at once and delayed

Not receiving group texts and all download early in the morning at once. Today I had over 200 texts download at once.


2 days ago


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14 hours ago

Group chat issue

I have an iPhone and am in a group chat with 10 other people with various providers and phones. We have been in a group chat for a couple of years now

Can't use my data

I am in with the network coverage and has 20G data left, but I can't browse websites using moble data. However I can use the data for some of my chat

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