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AT&T Internet Account

AT&T Internet Account

Learn how to manage your Internet service and account.


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If I cancel my at&t internet, can I still keep my email?

We (our church) needs to cancel our internet service. Unfortunately, our church is getting smaller, and unable to afford the internet service. We no longer need the internet since it's not being used anymore. I am the secretary of our church and I work from home (creating/printing/etc bulletins, etc





AT&T missing multiple appointments

Hello, We have had multiple appointments scheduled and no call no show. Original 5/18/23 (no call no show), Second 5/22/23, no call no show, Third 5/30/23, no call no show, Fourth 6/5/23, no call, no show.  Now I have an appointment for 6/7/23.  Have have zero confidence they will show