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AT&T Fiber Installation

AT&T Fiber Installation

Tips for installing & connecting your AT&T Fiber equipment.


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AT&T Fiber installation

I am on a new street that is a continuation of an existing street which already has AT&T fiber. They installed AT&T Fiber in my portion of the street recently. But, even though I signed up for connecting to my house and have an appointment for this coming Monday, the appointment was cancelle





New fiber optics installation incomplete

I order my new service with fiber optics for Monday May 15th 2023. The technician came to my house [Personal Information Removed]. He did all wiring from outside hand hole to inside and left the modem where I wanted. He COULD NOT made the connection outside, he said there is problem in the handhole





ATT not repairing landscaping back to normal

ATT has been out three times total over this Summer and Fall digging new fiber lines. Every time they have not come even reasonably close to fixing our landscaping back to the way it was before. They have completely ruined parts of our yard by mixing landscaping rock in with the dirt. The people tha