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Created: Jul 25, 2014
blkmyrth Created: Jul 25, 2014
UPDATE -- Seriously no one can help?!?! Or more like, it seems, no one 'wants' to help. We are so frustrated it's taking a real toll on us. When we speak to reps, we don't yell, curse, or the like because we know what it's like to be on the other side. On that note, we also know that all it takes is 1 caring and daring enough of a person to help and be true to the "Custom...
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Created: Jul 24, 2014
blkmyrth Created: Jul 24, 2014
Ok... Not sure where to begin except at the beginning. We have been customers for well over 14 years and of course living in the same place for the same period. We were finally going to move from an apartment to a house and wanted to take our great AT&T services with us which consisted of a Phone Line account (landline/POTs) and our Internet account (U-Verse Internet). Pl...
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