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Created: Jul 17, 2012
lw9090 Created: Jul 17, 2012
So AT&T will start charging to use Facetime in iOS 6 over 3G/LTE what a joke. You can use it for FREE over skype, tango etc. What a way to screw over your #1 device that saved you from bankrupty 4 years ago.
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Created: Jan 24, 2010
lw9090 Created: Jan 24, 2010
I am in Trenton, OH which is between Hamilton and Middletown. In the past 2 weeks the service he has really been bad. Dropped calls 5 out of 10 times, taking 3-4 tries to send SMS. This is happening to a few friends also. We have all called ATT and not getting any help or answers. Our calls are being closed with no explanation. Who can we go to next????? there are 4 tower...
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