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Created: Feb 24, 2014
jp1 Created: Feb. 24, 2014
Is there any way for AT&T to push the update to my phone? I've been checking it pretty regularly, but the 4.3 update will not show up as being available. I'm currently at 4.1.1. I've also attempted to update thru Kies with no sucess. Phone is not not unlocked or rooted. Thanks!
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Created: May 14, 2010
jp1 Created: May. 14, 2010
I can't seem to find this out one way or another: Will the Flyers/Bruins game 7 tonite on Versus be blacked out on D*? I've waited all year to see a Flyers game (no Comcast) and will rip out the dish and receivers if it's blacked out.
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Created: May 9, 2010
jp1 Created: May. 9, 2010
I just picked up a new H21 HD Receiver from Best Buy yesterday and during the activation the CS rep said that I needed to use the b band module that was included in the box to be able to access HD programming. But, with the module attached, the receiver wouldn't activate so we removed it and it works fine. I get all my HD channels and it appears to be running normally. D*...
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Created: Apr 1, 2010
jp1 Created: Apr. 1, 2010
Woke up this morning, went to turn on SportsCenter on ESPN like we always do, and come to find that all the ESPN channels are blacked out. Even TNT is blacked out. I tried resetting the receiver, but still can't get channels that our in our package and that we've paid for. Other channels work, just not the ones we watch on a daily basis. Anyone else having issues like thi...
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Created: Jun 13, 2009
jp1 Created: Jun. 13, 2009
Just got DTV installed last Sunday and today it rained and we got the dreaded 771 Error. I've got a HD RCVR and an HD DVR. The DVR seemed to lose everything and the HD Rcvr had only SD channels. So, I ran the signal strength tests on the HD DVR and got a lot of 0's, the HD Rcvr got the following: 101 1-8 76 67 72 85 67 87 74 87 9-16 70 70 72 87 70 89 72 89 17-24 67 96 70 ...
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Created: Jun 8, 2009
jp1 Created: Jun. 8, 2009
Just got DTV installed yesterday, 1 HD DVR, 1 HD Rcvr, 1 SD Rcvr, and wanted to know on the HD receivers is it possible to tune to a SD version of an HD channel? I know that sounds crazy, but some HD channels like VH1 have black bars on the sides and top. Now I know some stations upconvert, stretch SD content, etc. but watching VH1 this morning on only 1/3 of the avialabl...
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Created: Jul 25, 2008
jp1 Created: Jul. 25, 2008
My wife's 8310 can send and receive MMS messages and we don't have a data plan....only unlimited texting.
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