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Created: Jan 13, 2014
pkirill Created: Jan 13, 2014
Thanks for the reply... The 3G light is not red, it is blinking green. My ISP is Comcast and my speeds are ~27mbps down and ~14mbps up. I have it setup with a wire to my router, router to modem, modem to ISP. Yes, I have a "normal" ATT account - not pre-paid. I know it has been de-registered because I had to do it for them over a remote session. It is also now re-register...
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Created: Jan 5, 2014
pkirill Created: Jan 5, 2014
Hi, From what I gather reading these forums and the web, the Microcell hastily thrown together piece of junk and I don't have high hopes. BUT I got this one from my parents who used it for a couple years until a tower was built in their area. It has been offline for about two more years. I am running through the setup process and I get a solid GPS, but the 3G bars just ke...
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Created: Nov 25, 2008
pkirill Created: Nov 25, 2008
I can't seem to get a data connection here in Richmond Va. All was well earlier today, but now it's no go. I've got bars, I can make calls, and, I've soft reset several times. I'm on hold with tech support right now, but thought I'd ask while I'm waiting... Thanks.
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