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Created: Aug 13, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Aug 13, 2010
Turn off your background data, its under Accounts and Sync, that will stop the random data if you don't need it on.
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Created: Aug 7, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Aug 7, 2010
Well heres the link to the headset that comes bundled with the Captivate
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Created: Jul 31, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Jul 31, 2010
If you want to stop your phone from eating up bandwidth when its sitting there idle then go under Accounts and sync and uncheck Background data, of course this is a small amount that its using, but its nice to know your data plan isn't active when your not actually using the phone, I would imagine most people need this on but it is nice to know you can shut it off. Also, ...
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Created: Jul 28, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Jul 28, 2010
Just out of curiosity, you didn't happen to put any of those numbers into a group recently, for me it overrode my individual ring tones and i had to take the numbers out of the group for their ringtones to work.
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Created: Jul 26, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Jul 26, 2010
Thanks for that response Fox, it was very informative. But the question still remains, why would a text message or multimedia massage fail every time on EDGE, any thoughts? Just so its known, when i tried to send the Multimedia message i had full signal, for the text it was bouncing between 3-4 bars.
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Created: Jul 25, 2010
Ramviper15 Created: Jul 25, 2010
Just wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issues when connected to EDGE as I have. Those issues are, Complete inability to send text or picture messages and "delays" in dialing numbers. When I say delay I mean that it will either try to connect and drop the call before it starts to ring, or will take ~10 seconds for it to start ringing, once connected everything ...
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