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Created: Apr 26, 2015
Scott303 Created: Apr. 26, 2015
This is the second time now this has happened to me... Soon after paying my wireless bill online I receive the following text from AT&T: Last time it happened no one at AT&T could tell me why, and one person even insisted that I never received any such message. When I go into my online account it doesn't show me enrolled in auto pay. Can someone please explain to me why I...
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Created: Mar 28, 2014
Scott303 Created: Mar. 28, 2014
I was thinking of pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S5 and am on the site going through the screens. After selecting the boxes to say keep my same plans I get the below screen. Why would the mobile messaging unlimited not be compatible with my new selections, considering that I have it now?
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Created: Nov 28, 2013
Scott303 Created: Nov. 28, 2013
I'm leaving in about a week on two week trip abroad. Trying to decide which international data roaming plan to sign up for. I'm leaning toward the $60/300mb plan which I think should be plenty, but just having some doubts. If I sign up for this plan and I go over then can I change to the $120/800mb plan after I get back? I'm also wondering if I should not sign up for any ...
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Created: Mar 26, 2011
Scott303 Created: Mar. 26, 2011
I live in an apartment and am considering getting DTV. I'm using dispointer.com to try and determine if I have line of sight. I'm unsure which satellite I need to be pointing to? I want the Choice Ultimate package with HD and locals.. No other packages. According to dispointer.com I should easily have LOS to 110W but 101W and 119W appear to me to be questionable.. Many ot...
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Created: Jul 17, 2008
Scott303 Created: Jul. 17, 2008
I am dreading having to make this phone call, but I am moving soon and do not plan on taking DTV with me. Are they going to want me to return the dish or LNB, or should I leave it? I've read the agreement and it only mentions returning receivers, so I'm unsure about the LNB but I wont have access to get it after I move so want to try and be sure and am not ready yet to ca...
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Created: Jul 17, 2007
Scott303 Created: Jul. 17, 2007
I bought a D10 receiver on e-bay (in hindsight, not a great decision). After calling Directv to activate it, the receiver seemed to be working fine. Then it went to a screen that it is downloading new software, and it gets stuck at 0 (zero) percent. After 10-15 minutes it finally goes to a screen that says software download error, at the bottom of that screen it gives a n...
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Created: Jul 7, 2007
Scott303 Created: Jul. 7, 2007
If I need to replace a receiver, is it as simple as removing the access card from the old receiver and inserting it into the new receiver? Or do I need to call Directv for it?
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