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Created: Mar 14, 2014
j_furtado Created: Mar. 14, 2014
II'm upgrading to the genie with one genie client. Do I supply the HDMI cables or are they supplied by the installer? do I pay extra for them or are they included in the installation? Message was edited by: j.furtado
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Created: Mar 11, 2014
j_furtado Created: Mar. 11, 2014
I'm considering upgrading my Directv equipment and service but I'm really concern with "sharing" DVR with entire family, as you do with the Genie. Currently I have... HR20-100 HR20-700 R15-300 D11-500 I'd like to replace the R15-300 with the new Genie and the D11-500 with a Genie client. BUT keep the 2 HR20's. My question is can the HR20's be linked to the WHOLE HOME netw...
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Created: May 6, 2008
j_furtado Created: May. 6, 2008
I bought a used HR20 on ebay. According to the seller the receiver was activated only for a few days before having buyers remorse. I have not gotten it yet but I was wondering... 1. will the access HAVE to be replaced? Or will DTV activate it with the one that is in it. 2. I am going to be replacing a Standard receiver can I switch the access card from that box to the use...
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Created: May 1, 2008
j_furtado Created: May. 1, 2008
Ok...this just occurred to me with the DTV conversion set to happen in 2009 I had thought I didn't need to worry about the special box because I have Directv. But will that effect how or if I still use an OTA? I have a HR20 and am looking to add another HR20 or HR21 with the add on AM121 so I can get local HD channels that Directv doesn't currently carry. But will the swi...
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Created: Apr 30, 2008
j_furtado Created: Apr. 30, 2008
Currently have 1. tv HDDVR 2. tv SDDVR 3. tv SD 4. tv SD I am looking to move the SDDVR to one of the Bedrooms and replace it with a HDDVR. 1st question is do I have to send the SD box back to directv? because from all I can see when I order the new HDDVR they will start to charge me another 5.00 a month for a 5th box. 2nd ? is currently the HDDVR has OTA's included in th...
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