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Created: Oct 5, 2014
denali89102 Created: Oct. 5, 2014
Despite the fact that other discussions about this problem have been maked as RESOLVED, MY problem has not been resolved. For a while I did get the big black box mentioned in other discussions but that has been gone for quite a while. The problem I'm having is intermittant appearance of captioning. Most of the time it just isn't there at all. When CC does show up, it's ne...
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Created: Oct 17, 2013
denali89102 Created: Oct. 17, 2013
If you have an HR44 (Genie) and want to control ONLY your Genie and TV, you can get a RC71 on Amazon for $5 including shipping. I want emphasize that the RC71 will NOT control ANY devices other than your recorder and TV. It IS NOT a universal remote.
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Created: Oct 15, 2013
denali89102 Created: Oct. 15, 2013
I wish I had asked the same question before I wasted $5 to buy another RC71 on Amazon. Now I know why it was only $5; it's, basically, a piece of junk. The only reason for me to even keep the two RC71's that we now have is because we still have an R16 DVR and it won't react to RF, so we have SOME semblance of separate control for the R16 and the HR44. Since the HR44 accep...
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Created: Oct 6, 2013
denali89102 Created: Oct. 6, 2013
We're brand new to video on demand - of any ilk. What I need to know right now (more questions are sure to follow) is when should I start expecting episodes of, say Castle, on ABC to become available? The Dream World episode, broadcast on 9/30, is available now on ABC.com but doesn't show up on On Demand.
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Created: Oct 2, 2013
denali89102 Created: Oct. 2, 2013
I've tried a dozen or so times to reply to my previous discussion. Couldn't so I'm trying it this way. What system administrator?? Thanks dcd & peds48 Let's see if I'm understanding your replies. If I get a RC71 and set it and the HR44 to RF control then the HR44 will no longer accept commands from the RC65 and RC65RX? If so, it sounds like I need two RC71 so my wife and ...
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Created: Oct 1, 2013
denali89102 Created: Oct. 1, 2013
We have a brand new HR44 (Genie) and a, approximately, 8 year old R16. We also have at least two RC65 and one RC65RX (that came with the Genie). The R16 has a LOT of shows that we want to watch before switching over to the Genie completely. So, both the R16 and the Genie are installed in our entertainment center, one above the other on two different shelves. ...... Here's...
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Created: Jun 18, 2008
denali89102 Created: Jun. 18, 2008
I have searched the Forum as thoroughly as I can and didn't find this question/problem raised previously. I'm not sure if that's really a good "Subject:" for my question but here goes anyway. I have a DVR - R16-300 and can't find any way to advance to a particular point when viewing recorded programs. I have been using 2 RCA DRC7005N's for several years and find the abili...
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