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Created: Jan 4, 2013
dellmech Created: Jan. 4, 2013
I'm close to buying a vizio soundbar but I just want to continue using my Directv RC65R remote to control volume. I'm a little nervous as to whether this is possible or not. Is it ok that my remote is the RF remote? Can the volume buttons on the remote control the vizio soundbar without switching over to an AV1 or AV2 input? I don't want sound to come from my TV anymore.....
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Created: Mar 5, 2011
dellmech Created: Mar. 5, 2011
I like the new ipad Directv app that you can control your receivers from the ipad and easy to navigate what is on tv. However, I am not "connected" to my internet with these receivers currently. Can I use an ethernet cable from my router to an ethernet switch. The switch would then have 4 ethernet cables to each of my Directv receivers. Would this work to network these re...
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Created: Jul 19, 2010
dellmech Created: Jul. 19, 2010
For some reason, the directv guide (that is on my tv) shows a different show on this channel than is playing. Does it have something to do with "west"? The time zone is set to central on my box (which is where I live)
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Created: Jul 7, 2010
dellmech Created: Jul. 7, 2010
Hi, I'm having trouble on one of my HD boxes. If I change a channel and the receiver recognizes that the broadcast is in a different resolution than the one I was currently watching, the hd box seems to change the blue light to the new resolution, then all of a sudden the screen goes black and displays my tv input (hdmi 1) and then it finally shows the channel. My other t...
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Created: May 18, 2010
dellmech Created: May. 18, 2010
I'm sure I can get these answers with all these threads but I'm a newbie when it comes to this stuff! I am new to directv as of the end of April 2010. I'm VERY interested in this Whole-Home DVR service. I have 1 HD/DVR (HR22-100) I have 3 HD (H23-600) Nothing is hooked up to a phone line or ethernet or wireless. From briefly reading these threads, it looks like I will nee...
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Created: May 14, 2010
dellmech Created: May. 14, 2010
I haven't done this yet but I know I'm going to run into a problem. I have 2 HD receiver (1 is an HD/DVR) that are stacked on top of each other. 1 of them is for a tv upstairs that has an ir extender system to it. The other one is for the tv next to it. I can't use RF because my Harmony remote needs IR components to work. Can you do something so that 1 remote works with 1...
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Created: Apr 30, 2010
dellmech Created: Apr. 30, 2010
If my coax line from the dish to the "switch" is over 100 feet long...is there some sort of "amplifier" or in-line connector that can maintain a strong signal
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Created: Apr 28, 2010
dellmech Created: Apr. 28, 2010
We just got Directv service 4/23/10. I have 1 HD/DVR (HR22-100) and 3 HD (H23-600) receivers. The Directv installer was able to use my existing coax runs in the house. He used 1 of the runs and split it in two to hook up 2 boxes (HD/DVR and HD) as shown in the attached picture. My question: Can I split that same coax run and add a splitter to hook up another receiver? (So...
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