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Created: Jul 15, 2015
sportsmom12 Created: Jul. 15, 2015
I have a premium account and I was trying to watch a program from Bravo on my IPAD - it comes back I do not subscribe to this channel but it should .I can get it on TV but can't access any programs using direct tv app on ipad. Thanks
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Created: Mar 12, 2015
sportsmom12 Created: Mar. 12, 2015
If I defrag my HR 22-100 to speed up channel switching- will it lose any of my recorded programs.Is this the best solution
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Created: Jan 24, 2015
sportsmom12 Created: Jan. 24, 2015
I constantly have had problems with this receiver.Like many others state- it freezes up and I have to hit reset button constantly. The HTM1 isn't capability with my Google smart tv so I have to use the component method. Couple questions: 1. Is there a better genie upgrade? 2. I legally take this to a second home a couple times a year and have mini genies there - if I upgr...
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Created: Aug 10, 2014
sportsmom12 Created: Aug. 10, 2014
We get really bad storms and the famous 771 searching for satellite error comes on. Since we have more tvs than receivers and we have internet for 10 dollars more I get to have cable service with my internet. How do I switch from satellite connection and use my cable on the tvs hooked up to direct tv. I tried to put it in TV mode versus HTM1 and switch it to tv input but ...
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Created: Mar 18, 2014
sportsmom12 Created: Mar. 18, 2014
My HR34-700 Genie receiver keeps freezing and I can't finish watching programs. Is there a patch that can be pushed out? or will unplugging help or do I need a new receiver?
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Created: Jan 1, 2013
sportsmom12 Created: Jan. 1, 2013
I currently have 4 tv in house. 2 are hooked up to Direct TV . One is using a HD receiver and the other one has an older receiver. I just bought a smart google tv and want the other to have HD capabilities. The customer service person ordered whole house DVR for me. Couple questions: - If I get whole house DVR can my other TVs get direct TV? Would I need to buy/lease addi...
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Created: Nov 13, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Nov. 13, 2011
I was able to find my remote on my ipad until recently. Now I can't even find my ip address manually on my receiver. I know my receiver is hooked up wireless as I am able to get direct tv cinamax and i used the kit. When I follow the intstructions to manually find my ip ( go to parental controls, system set up etc) _ all I see is my receiver id etc and no ip address. Any ...
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Created: Oct 19, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Oct. 19, 2011
Sorry for a basic question but not very technical saavy. I did manage to hook my receiver up to the internet and download my ipad application on my ipad. I can get the remote to come up . I see where it says currently watching but it doesn't actually show what I am currently watching. Is this not possible? What is the benefit of having it hooked up wireless if you can't w...
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Created: Oct 14, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Oct. 14, 2011
I do not have whole house connect but do have a receiver eligible to hook up for internet( and then I can use IPAD application) I was wondering how hard is it to get an installation kit and do myself. I can't hook up via internet because my router and modem to internet is on another floor . Below is my receiver info HR22-100 Thank you
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Created: Sep 5, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Sep. 5, 2011
I followed directions to program something to record from my ipad but it didn't record. It seemed to have- it said confirm and i did but it didn't do it. Is there something I am missing. Basically I signed onto my account, went to the guide, followed the program and followed the instructions to record and it said confirm. my equipment is Make: DIRECTV Model: HR22-100 Than...
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Created: Apr 5, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Apr. 5, 2011
I pay my HD extra charge and have no problem getting HD on channels but I can't get the HD channel for baseball. I am watching Cinncinnat Reds on Fox Sports Ohio . I know I watched it last year in HD.
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Created: Feb 28, 2011
sportsmom12 Created: Feb. 28, 2011
How often should you have your receivers replaced? My one upstairs isn't real old as I got it upgraded when I bought an HD tv . It is a HR22-100, but my one downstairs hasn't been replaced in awhile. It is a R15-300. Like a cell phone- is there an advantage to upgrading? Thanks
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