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Created: Apr 30, 2014
dickberr Created: Apr. 30, 2014
Why do I get a widely varying number of All Channels and Channels I Get across my 4 receivers all on the same dish. I have verified that some channels only appear on certain receivers. I did a transponder comparison across all 4 receivers and they are essentially the same. … HR44/500 HR24/500 H23/600 HR22/100 … 0x808 0x803 0x4803 0x803 All Channels 795 907 679 805 Channel...
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Created: Aug 19, 2012
dickberr Created: Aug. 19, 2012
My old reliable HR-20 has become very slow responding to IR commands. Has anyone upgraded from an HR-20 to one of the newer models, and which models are fastest in IR response, channel changing, etc.?
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Created: Jan 25, 2009
dickberr Created: Jan. 25, 2009
I've been having sporadic record/playback issues with my HR20-700. For example, I recorded a 1 1/2 hr movie but in playback at the 43 minute point it starts over. I've done a menu Reset and unplug Reset - same result. The Info Banner says the full movie is recorded. Sometimes only a small portion of a program is recorded, and one recording was pixelated badly with no soun...
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Created: Dec 2, 2008
dickberr Created: Dec. 2, 2008
Is there any way to make an HR-20 display photos in hi-def? Regardless of photo resolution, up to 1600 x 1200, they all look the same and are lousy on my 61" hi-def TV. I've tried WMP11 and TVersity with same results. I also have a DLink DSM-520 Hi-Def Media Server and I finally got their tech support to admit it converts everything to 720 x 480. Is the HR-20 doing someth...
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Created: Jun 10, 2007
dickberr Created: Jun. 10, 2007
I just confirmed with two local Austin stations (KVUE and KXAN) that sub-channels -2, -3 etc are no longer being broadcast due to an FCC ruling that all channels must carry children's programming! I suspect stations nationwide are dropping these sub-channels rather than pay for children's programming on them. I've been on these forums and with D* for many weeks now (since...
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