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Created: Sep 25, 2014
superhero1219 Created: Sep. 25, 2014
I'm having trouble connecting an external HD to my DVR. I've followed the procedure outlined below, but it always defaults to the internal HD. 1. turn off receiver by unplugging power cord 2. connect external HD with eSATA cable 3. turn on external HD and allow HD to spin for 30 sec 4. plug power cord back into receiver I never get a screen that says its formatting the ne...
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Created: Aug 24, 2014
superhero1219 Created: Aug. 24, 2014
I apologize if this has been asked and answered, I was only able to find an answer to part of my question. I'm a bit behind on my TV shows and I have a few full seasons of shows recorded on the internal HD of my HR-44. I understand that if I connect an external HD via eSATA and reboot the DVR, it will then record to the external HD. If I want to access the recordings on t...
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Created: Mar 26, 2011
superhero1219 Created: Mar. 26, 2011
I have an HD DVR (HR21-100) in the living room and an HD receiver (H23-600) in the bedroom. They are both hooked up to my home network - both plugged directly into the router. Whole-home viewing was set up successfully. I've had my current set-up for over a year and have never had a problem.... until recently. The DVR goes nuts. Not only does it change channels on its own...
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Created: Aug 26, 2010
superhero1219 Created: Aug. 26, 2010
Hello everyone! I was participating in the Beta testing with the following setup: HD DVR (HR21-100) HD Receiver (H23-600) Both connected to my broadband router via ethernet cables During beta, I had absolutely no problems with playback - it worked great. I just activated the Whole-Home service with the exact same setup and now playback on both the DVR and the receiver is ...
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