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Created: Aug 15, 2014
tequila44 Created: Aug. 15, 2014
Hello - I have a Vizio Sound Bar (VSB211) and can't get this working with my Directv Remote (RC64R). I used the codes of 31517 and 32454 as suggested by Directv but neither works with the AV2 input. Vizio is also no help since they only gave me 31517. I've also tried the following codes: 10120,10864,10885,01377,11758,11756,10117,10178, 0660, 0883, 1517. I don't know if th...
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Created: Jun 1, 2008
tequila44 Created: Jun. 1, 2008
I recently purchased a YHT-585BL Yamaha Receiver and I can't seem to get the power to work with the DirecTV remote. The closest I was able to come was have it control the volume however the power button does not work with that code or any of the other codes. Is there another code I should be using for my specific receiver?
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Created: Feb 21, 2008
tequila44 Created: Feb. 21, 2008
I have that problem with the Samsung u-740 and I havent been able to get an answer from anyone on this one.
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Created: Jan 25, 2008
tequila44 Created: Jan. 25, 2008
I noticed there was an update last night. I also noticed that the menu options are reworded. My question is this: When viewing the list, I used to be able to hit the yellow button for the To Do List. Where is that now? I mainly want to get the the show prioritizer and I can also see history to see why a show did not record. Can anyone tell me where this option is now?
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Created: Jan 4, 2007
tequila44 Created: Jan. 4, 2007
I have an older RCA Home Theater Receiver Model RT2500 and none of the "Stereo" Codes work when trying to program the White remote that came with the Direct TV High Def DVR Plus. Also, I would also like to set this up so I can leave the tab on "Directv" and be able to change the volume on the Stereo without having to switch to "AV1". How would I do this?? I would apprecia...
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