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Created: Aug 12, 2014
jprhedd Created: Aug 12, 2014
There have been at least 7 visits by techs including line replacement. They accept that it is their fault. Just cannot find the real problem. New modem too!. Really sad that they are inept but I believe the use of Bell Souths aging installations probably is at fault.
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Created: Aug 10, 2014
jprhedd Created: Aug 10, 2014
I am currently traveling and know for a fact that there has been no connection at my home for 8 days. I can barely wait to get home to9 renew the battle. I have used the chat and copy it and paste it into a word document. I will be pleased to post the entire insane conversations as soon as I get home. I do not have to name names as it is all there in black and white. I hav...
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Created: Aug 4, 2014
jprhedd Created: Aug 4, 2014
Nine weeks and internet no longe dropping off. No connection at all!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be paying for ATT internet or for new modem or anything else they try to charge me for. I am told that the lines from Bell South are so old that they have broken down and ATT is not repairing them thoughout the south. Is this true? Who knows. All I know is that having had my lines re...
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