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Created: Sep 16, 2014
mgbnet Created: Sep. 16, 2014
The fact that AT&T killed off the Data Limits function in Smart Limits before the promised replacement service was ready is frustrating. The fact that AT&T have been totally silent on the date and features of this replacement service is unbelievable. I used to use the Data Limits feature to block my kids from data. I set the limit to zero MB, which meant no data but pictu...
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Created: Sep 9, 2014
mgbnet Created: Sep. 9, 2014
When is this coming? The previous data mentioned on these forums was Sept 9th... Today... Also, will this restore the previous functionality that is now broken: previously data limits did not affect the ability to send and receive picture messages. Now I am unable to send and receive picture messages at all.
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Created: Sep 8, 2014
mgbnet Created: Sep. 8, 2014
This sucks! I had Smart Limits set to zero MB for my kids. This meant they had no access to data but were still able to send and receive multimedia messages. Now that the Smart Limits data capability has retired, my kids are unable to send or receive multimedia messages. Data is now totally blocked... Rumor on these forums is that a replacement Smart Limits Data function ...
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Created: Aug 1, 2014
mgbnet Created: Aug. 1, 2014
This is not a complete solution. The current smart limits data limits implementation allows multimedia messages, visual voicemail, etc even when the data limit is set to 0 MB or when the limit has been reached. Turning data off for the line totally turns off those features too! It will also require me to monitor my account constantly if I wish to constain my kids to a fix...
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Created: Jul 24, 2014
mgbnet Created: Jul. 24, 2014
I currently use Smart Limits to limit data for my kids but when I logged in to the Smart Limits admin page today I saw a notice that data limits are retiring on September 5th. What is the replacement functionality for me to limit my kid's data consumption? I know I can turn off data per line on my shared data plan, but that turns it off completely and also blocks picture ...
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