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Created: Jun 21, 2014
Memopad10Abyss Created: Jun 21, 2014
Dmitriy, This was been present from day one. Right out of the box I charged it up and left it overnight the first night. It lost about 1% per hour that night. That comes out to stand bye time of only about 4 days. That is far less than the stated 30 days on the AT&T website. Several factory restores have not helped. It gets much worse after only adding a few apps. I can s...
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Created: Jun 11, 2014
Memopad10Abyss Created: Jun 11, 2014
I am not sure where to turn. I have had my mPad 10 for several months now. It suffers from horrible battery life. I have done multiple factory resets that have had no impact. The best I have ever been able to get ON STANDY would be the equivilant of 4 days. Stand by is suppose to last up to 30 days. I did a factory reset a few days ago. After updating all the apps I ran a...
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