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Created: Jan 9, 2015
sirivanhoe Created: Jan. 9, 2015
Dave, I only have one(1) receiver. I am using the uverse app which list two receivers, Family room and sony bravia. The sony bravia can be connected and works properly. If I select family room from receiver list I h ave to change from sony bravia to family room on channel 9301. This channel indicates multiple .family room receivers. I cannot add a device unless I select c...
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Created: Jan 5, 2015
sirivanhoe Created: Jan. 5, 2015
Easy remote lists two receivers, one selected and one locked. I cannot delete the locked receiver.When I select the locked receiver, I am directed me to channel 9301 for a code entry to add new receiver.There is a message that this is a duplicate name, I than enter the code obtained. The code is rejected. How can I delete this entry I have removed and restarted every thin...
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Created: May 13, 2014
sirivanhoe Created: May. 13, 2014
Logging into att.net has solved the signin for showtime/maxgo. Thanks for your help
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Created: Apr 30, 2014
sirivanhoe Created: Apr. 30, 2014
I cannot login to showtime anytime or Maxgo. I receive the error, account locked due to too many signin failures.I have reset the password. the account message is the same, "signin error". Contacted maxgo and they said it's a uverse problem. Uverse suggested resetting password as a solution. The problem remains. I cannot signin to either maxgo or showtime. It appears that...
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Created: Mar 24, 2014
sirivanhoe Created: Mar. 24, 2014
Uverse tv has intermittent operantion. Uverse tech replaced resident gateway. The problem still exists. At one point lost the entire system, TV and Phone. There isn't a specific time for failures. It is very annoying. thanks Gene
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