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Created: Dec 30, 2010
mobile_1 Created: Dec 30, 2010
jcgold22 wrote: Hey All, I have a simple Samsung SGH-A227 carrier AT&T. I accidently added my friends number to the call reject list. How do I un-reject the number? Thanks in advance! I have the SGH-A887 so the sequence might be different. Try this: Menu....Settings....Calls....General...Auto Reject.......make your choice. Hope it helps.
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Created: Oct 9, 2008
mobile_1 Created: Oct 9, 2008
b3b3cuti3 wrote: With the usual 10-digit phone #, I do +84 then 9 #s while dropping the leading 0. Vietnam just has that new MobiFone 11-digit phone #, I do +84 (drop 0) and 10 #s but it cannot be sent. How do you text with the new 11-digit phone #? For example, when I do +84 (drop 0) then 1234567899, a message will come back to me saying error invalid number, please rese...
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Created: Sep 19, 2008
mobile_1 Created: Sep 19, 2008
My mistake. I just realized that I actually was using my corporate TMO blackberry and was roaming internationally. I don't imagine it would make a difference anyway. Message Edited by mobile_1 on 09-19-2008 04:39:58 AM
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Created: Sep 18, 2008
mobile_1 Created: Sep 18, 2008
stufried wrote: That is correct. Note: People outside of North America can only send SMS messages to US GSM providers , e.g. someone in England can't send an SMS to a Verizon users. While on a recent business trip in Europe, I was able to text back and forth with my son (who has VZW) in NJ.
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