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Created: Oct 2, 2013
FredFusion Created: Oct 2, 2013
I am not going to get into a long debate about this, but: 1. Never start out with 'Truth be told', does this mean that any post that does not begin with this is a lie or are you amazed that you are finally telling the truth!!! 2. After the debacle of the presidential 'cease and desist', AT&T simply set up an 'Office of the President' email box so that all emails would be ...
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Created: Oct 1, 2013
FredFusion Created: Oct 1, 2013
SomeJoe7777: "If you would like to contact the AT&T CEO or other members of the Board of Directors, click the "AT&T Links" tab in my signature below, then click on the "AT&T Corporate Governance" link." You obviously have not been following the latest AT&T news. The latest person to send an email to the AT&T CEO received a response from the AT&T legal team asking for a 'c...
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Created: Sep 26, 2013
FredFusion Created: Sep 26, 2013
BHampton_Unhappy: Sounds like you are having the same problems. I wish you all the best in getting installed. I too sent a private message and am having a conversation with the rep that answered. My 'facilities issue' is scheduled to be fixed on October 2nd - no guarantees, but at least I now have a date I can wait for. After the fix I will be rescheduled - no date promis...
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Created: Sep 20, 2013
FredFusion Created: Sep 20, 2013
Of course there is deception - it is a standard marketing ploy, as is the 'Up To' phrase in their literature. 1. If copper was better than fiber, no company would be installing or advertising fiber. 2. Where is your proof that verizon is not expanding its fiber service. On the contrary, Verizon is expanding the service and is no advertising 70Mbps+, a significant increase...
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Created: Sep 19, 2013
FredFusion Created: Sep 19, 2013
My experiences with AT&T have not been good, so I am sorry to bore this forum with a list of complaints but I have tried every other channel within AT&T. I moved into a new housing addition in McKinney six weeks ago. As a computer consultant that works from home I required high-speed internet and was told that it was available through AT&T. I called to order both cable TV...
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