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Created: May 29, 2014
gavin1 Created: May. 29, 2014
The time has come. I originally had an IBM mail address. Never had any problems. AT&T took over their service and gave me an attglobal.net address. I run a small business, this suited me well. No problems. About six months ago emails started arriving late, sometimes as much as 24hours late! I dutifully reported this and was given a log number and assured it would be fixed...
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Created: Mar 29, 2014
gavin1 Created: Mar. 29, 2014
My sympathies. I have been try ing to get a problem sorted out for nigh on 6 months now. I too have a "legacy" email address which has been in use, for business for 20 years or so. I have cut right back on my current business use of this address as AT&T can't seem to solve the problem and no matter how many times I call and get yet another log number and the promise it wi...
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Created: Dec 4, 2013
gavin1 Created: Dec. 4, 2013
I have an @attglobal.net account. Emails over the last week appear from time to time, 6 to 8 hours after they were sent. At the moment it appears that I'm not receiving Emails at all. Customer service is "looking in to it" In the past 6 months the service has deteriorated to the point of me considering leaving AT&T. This is the third round of these problems since July.
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Created: Oct 8, 2013
gavin1 Created: Oct. 8, 2013
Customer service says YES, there is another problem with email and don't know when it will be resolved. After being without email service for two weeks later last month, I'm beginning to wonder if, indeed it is time to change my business address with AT&T. I've had this address for 20 years and it is now embedded in my total business and business history. It will take qui...
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