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Created: Jan 22, 2016
pragmatica Created: Jan. 22, 2016
Installed Uverse Easy Remote app on Android device. I had no problem connecting to the receiver. But, when I click the Recordings button, the list is nowhere close to my full list. There's no pattern to the few recordings that are listed--there's a show that I have more 20 episodes recorded but only three show up in the list, and the list contains shows that I taped anywh...
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Created: Sep 17, 2013
pragmatica Created: Sep. 17, 2013
Well, that's crazy. AT&T *introduced* an obvious error and hasn't fixed it for weeks? It's a feature that USED to work correctly and they broke it, and they haven't managed to fix it yet? Sloppy. I wouldn't accept this in a business software product and frankly, I pay a whole lot less money per month for business software than I do for AT&T consumer TV service.
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Created: Sep 15, 2013
pragmatica Created: Sep. 15, 2013
Several weeks ago when much of the U-verse TV interface changed, all the times displayed for programs that I use the "Search" feature to locate became messed up, apparently permanently. To replicate this at any DVR in my house: 1. Click the Recorded TV button on the remote. The Recordings page is displayed. 2. Scroll to the right to select Add Recording. 3. Enter some let...
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Created: Aug 20, 2013
pragmatica Created: Aug. 20, 2013
OK, that's an interesting approach, and I'm a little embarrased because it should have occurred to me--back when I had Dish and the components started to fail from overheating, everything it taped during the hottest part of the day was corrupt. Turns out that the two worst programs last week were both recorded on Monday 8/11 between 7 and 9 PM. Lacking the ability to go b...
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Created: Aug 19, 2013
pragmatica Created: Aug. 19, 2013
Hi, y'all: I've seen posts here and elsewhere about playback being pixelated and freezing, but those people were reporting a general problem with playback of all programs for which the first line of troubleshooting was checking the physical connections. My problem is different. A few times a week, the DVR will record an individual program that won't play back correctly--i...
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