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Sep 19, 2014
sicklesqed Sep 19, 2014
Unfortunately the reply did nothing. AT&T cannot get the service functioning to the advertised speeds, resolve errors in the provisioning and this continues to baffle me how we are unique. 800ft from the VRAD and they cannot get Power 45/5 working. Second Tier Support keeps making promises they will call back--but the manager of the department (Jason Williams) does not re...
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Sep 15, 2014
sicklesqed Sep 15, 2014
We have had our service for 3 weeks (8/29). In that amount of time, we have had four on-site technicians for multiple outside wire maintenance issues and replacement of new equipment (NVG589) to attempt making the service work. The latest fiasco (CASE #: *** (agent ***) — SATURDAY, September 13, 2014) was that we called the AT&T One-to-One number [855-332-4219] for our la...
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