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Created: Aug 13, 2013
GaWd Created: Aug. 13, 2013
Hello All, I've recently begun using DToD, and while I love the accessibility of the shows, it takes roughly 25 seconds to display the show titles. It's almost as if it doesn't keep a local database of shows and needs to re-download the entire list of 10000 titles everytime I use it. Downloading of shows, and instant watching is no problem. My internet connection plays ve...
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Created: Feb 2, 2013
GaWd Created: Feb. 2, 2013
The technician came out and asked me "So what seems to be the problem with your service"? I said "nothing, the service is fine. It's that P O S right there"-and pointed at the 3600HGV. He laughed, agreed with my estimation of the quality of the hardware, walked outside without another word and replaced the unit with a 3801. According to my technician, he replaces the 3600...
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Created: Feb 1, 2013
GaWd Created: Feb. 1, 2013
It seems that I'm now in this loop as well. My first 3600HGV fried like others mention: I was watching a video, my connection dropped and didn't return. I went and looked at the device and no lights were on-but the power brick was lit up. Nothing was hot, nothing was smelling burnt. It refused to power up, until I let it sit unpowered for several minutes. WHen it came bac...
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Created: Oct 23, 2009
GaWd Created: Oct. 23, 2009
I am seriously getting fed up with this! I've been sucking it up, just deleting extra shows that record. 6 months later, I'm at my max. My TiVo NEVER recorded a re-run unless the show description was blatantly wrong. My R-Series DVR records EVERY SINGLE episode of EVERY SINGLE series; despite the fact that they are all set to record first-run shows only. Is there a soluti...
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Created: Jul 13, 2008
GaWd Created: Jul. 13, 2008
Hello all, Here is the original setup: Oval dish Single LNB 1 multiswitch 3 receivers-1 DirecTiVo. 2 Standard receivers Yesterday I split the signal to 1 std. receiver(and removed one of the std. receivers) so that I could add my DirecTiVo. All was well. All receivers receiving all channels. This morning, the last remaining standard receiver is no longer getting a good si...
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