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Created: Jan 27, 2015
pronet1 Created: Jan. 27, 2015
Everyhing is OK, thank you for the solution, it is working now/
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Created: Jan 13, 2015
pronet1 Created: Jan. 13, 2015
I would like to remain in the newest att.net Mail. I entered this in my profile but it keeps coming back to the old email, it is very annoying.
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Created: Jan 6, 2015
pronet1 Created: Jan. 6, 2015
I am receiving too many spams to my in box, it was supposed to have corrected as of yesterday with costumer service but it did not work. How can it be corrected?
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Created: Jan 2, 2015
pronet1 Created: Jan. 2, 2015
I received an email stating Dial Service will no longer available to Business effective date January 31, 2005
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Created: Oct 13, 2014
pronet1 Created: Oct. 13, 2014
All is resolved with a $49.99 fee although it was not my fault, another technician move me from IE to Google to enter my email. I did not like it. In order to get back to my originals email with IE.
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Created: Oct 11, 2014
pronet1 Created: Oct. 11, 2014
I spent $49.99 this morning for a tech to help me. I been working to get in to my email ever since. Some times I am successful but most of the time I am unable to either enter or stay on. Tech says it will be completed tomorrow. But I can't wait that long. 12 hours is just too long working on it myself. That is not why I spent $49.00.
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Created: Jul 30, 2014
pronet1 Created: Jul. 30, 2014
Is there any fee or usage to receive a call from a land line in Germany or Luxembourg?
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Created: Jun 25, 2014
pronet1 Created: Jun. 25, 2014
I received my Internet bill today. It should be $35.85 instead it is $53.86 What gives? I am on auto pmt nd counting every penny and did not on that much difference, I also have acell phone bill due July 7. over $68 Please advise ASAP.
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Created: May 16, 2014
pronet1 Created: May. 16, 2014
Emails have changed drastically for the worst. Everything upside down. Links used to be up is now down. New instruction on my setting are insufficient. I hope it will change for the better.
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Created: May 13, 2014
pronet1 Created: May. 13, 2014
Since a couple of days ago, my inbox is full of spam, I am using the options to delete spam weekly but wish to have it done daily, but how? There is no other link to do this.
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Created: Apr 28, 2014
pronet1 Created: Apr. 28, 2014
Originally I added $5.04 for wireless sharing. I removed it but my billing information did not. It still showes $78.97, it should be $73.93. My bill is due May 9,2014. Please correct ASAP.
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Created: Apr 25, 2014
pronet1 Created: Apr. 25, 2014
I have checked all video instruction on forums hoping to see one about how to use the camera taking pictures & videos for saving to Gallery and forwarding to emails and Face Book, etc. Consumer Cellular has videos/manuals from start to finish very easy to follow for any novice like myself. Why is there none on our Samsung Galaxy I just purchased a month ago and need it. T...
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