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Oct 19, 2012
I_hate_this_company Oct 19, 2012
Oh I so miss TWC 13 years and never a problem... I wish I could afford satelite, but here it's a bundle only package, nothing under $99 for the first year of a 2 year plan. You really get nailed on the second year..Hmmm Just the way ATT nailed me after 3 months. I was quoted one price, and I got that price, then suddenly the bill shows 20 bucks more a month. Why? The sales...
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Oct 18, 2012
I_hate_this_company Oct 18, 2012
And they know it, they bought up the little guys in the area..
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Oct 17, 2012
I_hate_this_company Oct 17, 2012
First let me say I DON"T have a choice of providers in this area, ATT is the only one. I've been fooling with them for about 3 months now, (ever since they worked on the main panel that connects more than just our house) over losing a connection every 5-10 minutes, faithfully. We HAVE; Jumped through the hoops of disconnecting wait, plug back in and all the other normal h...
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