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Created: Jul 30, 2013
rtn5000 Created: Jul 30, 2013
So most of PA is covered with AT&T LTE....any news on Erie getting LTE or is this market not on the list? If it's not on the list I will be switching to Verizon as they have had LTE service here for over a year.
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Created: Sep 20, 2012
rtn5000 Created: Sep 20, 2012
So I take it this is the type of thing where one must call and complain to find out?
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Created: Sep 19, 2012
rtn5000 Created: Sep 19, 2012
Hello, I recently moved to Erie PA and have noticed that Verizon has LTE coverage in the area. However, AT&T does not have LTE in the area at this point. It was recently announced that AT&T flipped the switch for LTE coverage in some parts of PA but Erie is not mentioned. Is there any information on when Erie PA will be getting LTE? I am currently an AT&T customer and enj...
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