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Created: Aug 26, 2012
DrDon995 Created: Aug. 26, 2012
Do hurry. I have your HTC Titan II and it only performs properly under LTE. Under 4G, it won't maintain cellular data connection for more than a few minutes. I'm in Tampa, now (an LTE area) and it runs flawlessly. In Detroit, I have to reboot the phone constantly.
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Created: Sep 13, 2009
DrDon995 Created: Sep. 13, 2009
When I try to watch live, the player launches and a British voice tells me that I'm trying to access an invalid URL and to contact my service provider." Running the newest version of Supercast for Windows mobile. The test videos played okay, yesterday and the stats updates. It's only when I try to watch anything live. Doc
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Created: Sep 7, 2009
DrDon995 Created: Sep. 7, 2009
I've installed Supercast on my HTC Tilt running Windows Mobile 6.1. The app launches and I get a window titled "Windows Media" with the message "Cannot find the file. The file might have been moved, renamed or deleted. If the file is stored on a server or a removable storage card, the server or card might not be available." What file can it not find? This message appears ...
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Created: Jul 4, 2009
DrDon995 Created: Jul. 4, 2009
It's not really important, but I'm wondering where the placeholder screen for unactive HD channels comes from. At the moment, HotPass HD isn't broadcasting as there's no race, so there's a placeholder card up, but the picture is garbled and the sound is intermittant. It's that way on every HD channel that's not currently "up." Once a channel is active, the signal is fine....
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Created: Dec 30, 2007
DrDon995 Created: Dec. 30, 2007
If your H20 is authorized and functioning with normal DirecTV channels, then you should be able to receive local digital broadcasts with the addition of an antenna, assuming you can get an acceptable quality signal at your location. If you don't have a dish installed, yet, I do not believe the H20 will function as an over-the-air tuner until authorized. I could be wrong.
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