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Mar 31, 2012
bspot Mar 31, 2012
Clearing the list in the first link didn't work. The Xbox doesn't even look like it's listed in the second. For example, The Xbox is turned on, and it's in Port 3. In the 'status" tab, it shows there's something connected in Port 4 (1 and 2 are currently turned off. They're for a computer and a cable box). EDIT: Seems like it's a job for tech support? :/ I'd rather not be...
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Mar 30, 2012
bspot Mar 30, 2012
Hello. I had no trouble with my old U-Verse router, but that one broke so we got a new one in last week. Xbox Live hasn't worked since then. I tried using Google to find answers but none were helpful. I have a 2Wire 3801HGV router. I'm trying to connect my Xbox with a wired connection NOT wireless. When i go to my Xbox's network settings, it doesn't even register that an ...
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