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Created: Mar 13, 2012
kwjohns Created: Mar 13, 2012
Our bill wasn't anywhere near a grand or even half of that but this is pretty disappointing. I've gotten a new iPhone every year and been eligible for it. Looking at the unsubsidized prices, it's $649 for the 16GB model. $200 when buying subsidized. Why would I pay $649 when I can pay a $205 termination fee ( $325 - ($10 x 12 months)) and then buy a new one subsidized at ...
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Created: Mar 3, 2012
kwjohns Created: Mar 3, 2012
I'm on a family plan that has five phones. The default phone number on the plan is eligible for a subsidized phone every year, rather than every two years. I'm curious what the requirements are for a family plan to get this benefit with the default phone number. Does the bill have to exceed a certain amount or what? Thanks!
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