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Created: Mar 31, 2012
lois-lane44 Created: Mar 31, 2012
Hi I had the same problem also with my Atrix 4 g android phone. I also do not use the phone heavily,Well I find it interesting that all of us that have had this problem the massive data usage happened in middle of night, so those of you that say its not in real time whatever, Im a skeptic, I solved my problem by turining phone off at night and bingo no overages> I purpose...
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Created: Feb 16, 2012
lois-lane44 Created: Feb 16, 2012
I haven't read the response to your post but I have had exactly the same problem!! I am so frustrated, same thing at odd hours of night , crazy data usage. I turned my phone off tonight & its also my home phone as I am at 90% usage and I still have till the 27th of this month!!!!! I got to 70% usage first or 2nd day of the billing cycle, so I barely use the phone. The sam...
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