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Created: Nov 26, 2015
lax20531 Created: Nov. 26, 2015
I've searched everywhere and cannot find an answer to my question, and surely there must be something I'm not seeing. From uverse.com/guide when navigating to either Live TV or On Demand I am taken to an awful list of endless tiles. Live TV only indicates programs on NOW, not in the future. On Demand programs show an endless scrolling list of tiles with further categories...
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Created: Sep 23, 2015
lax20531 Created: Sep. 23, 2015
I have an issue I haven't been able to resolve. Any device that leases the address receives random drops and cannot maintain its connection. Of course I've rebooted and have already replaced the gateway with an identical model. The event log records repeated FW entries that state something like this: src= dst= ipprot=6 sport=61599 dpo...
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Created: Jul 20, 2014
lax20531 Created: Jul. 20, 2014
I'm also in CA (Los Angeles to be specific) and I'm having the same issues you've been experiencing since late last night. I've been tethering w/my cell to work around the issue, but after a day figured it was probably time to call tech support. After navigating the voice maze and given an estimated waiting time of 30 minutes (!), another automated message stated there wa...
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Created: Aug 2, 2013
lax20531 Created: Aug. 2, 2013
I'm surprised more people aren't complaining about this problem. When displaying additional showtimes they are indeed incorrect by 2 hours (on the West Coast) but the real issue is they all become unrecordable. When attempting to record the future showtimes an error message appears and demands a manual recording. It's a real hassle to search for future episodes, remember ...
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