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Created: Jan 9, 2012
MikeyFTL Created: Jan 9, 2012
You guys are a trip. You actually believed a rep would send you the GB update without telling the rest of the world how to get it? This is yet another AT&T joke. The reps have heard nothing but "Where is gingerbread" for months now. They will say absolutely anything to get you guys off the phone. They hate you more than they hate their jobs. You need to come to the realiz...
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Created: Nov 10, 2011
MikeyFTL Created: Nov 10, 2011
I have to agree with jcollake. Gingerbread is not the holy grail of operating systems. Maybe it has a few snappy options and some speed boosts here and there, but there's really nothing you can't live without. I've installed almost every leaked version of gingerbread there is and guess what I'm using now? Froyo! From my experiences with different versions of GB, getting b...
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