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Created: Aug 13, 2014
joetom57 Created: Aug 13, 2014
To whom it may concern: Last Friday I went to uverse.com and checked the availablity of uverse tv in my area and the results says that all services are available. I already have uverse internet. I have it since November 2011. I logged into my att account and clicked on the dropdown that asks what you want to do and choose to add uverse tv and went to the page where you ca...
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Created: May 24, 2012
joetom57 Created: May 24, 2012
Hi there: I got one of the ATT USB Connect 900 through ebay. It was supposed to come with a sim card, you can also add a flash memory card to it, so you can increase the memory, it takes those mirco flash memory cards. But if you were to buy one of these from say ATT or Walmart or whatever retail store, it is supposed to come with a sim card preinstalled. So in that case ...
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