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Created: Nov 7, 2011
va3592 Created: Nov 7, 2011
Just an update. I received my phone October 26. A couple days before the 21 days after mark. FedEx tried to deliver during the day, but since I work from 9-5 I had to go to the FedEx building after work to pick up. To be honest my talking to AT&T reps at the store and through customer service, they have been really helpful. The AT&T representative that knows my family's a...
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Created: Oct 17, 2011
va3592 Created: Oct 17, 2011
Hi. I just saw this on the Verizon iPhone Forums. http://community.vzw.com/t5/iPhone-4S/iPhone-4S-Shipping/td-p/698423 "JohnB_VZW (Wireless Employee) Oct 16 Thank you kaebfly for your input. I appreciate your help. @dturner1991, Congratulations on your iPhone 4 pre-order. We know that you're anxiously awaiting the arrival of your new phone. Since you placed your order on...
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Created: Oct 16, 2011
va3592 Created: Oct 16, 2011
Hi. The customer representative said i would get it friday. Not on thursday. On friday. Then after i placed my oder i received the email confirmation saying 14-21 days. If i would have known ahead of time that the preorder item would take so long. I would have waited and just walked in to a store. There is sort of a idea that the reason you preorder an iphone through appl...
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Created: Oct 15, 2011
va3592 Created: Oct 15, 2011
I'm so frustrated. I preordered my iphone 4s through the att store location on October 7. And i still do not have my iphone 4s. The att customer rep first got my address wrong and had to cancel and reenter into the systerm at 5:45 that night. i would have had it preordered at 11:45. My att order status still says it is "backordered" and pending shipment. I am so frustrate...
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