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Created: Oct 29, 2011
i8iphone8i Created: Oct 29, 2011
You could use the ipad connection kit and put it straight on a card and put in computer if you dont want to sync across. plus many good apps in the app store will do the same, but find the camera kit the quickest way as you can choose which files you want to cross over. hope this helpful. [3rd party link removed per Guidelines] Good Luck!
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Created: Oct 7, 2011
i8iphone8i Created: Oct 7, 2011
The music on computer 2 won't be erased but the music on the iPod will be erased. If this music was purchased through iTunes and all through the same Apple ID then they can be downloaded onto the computer through the iTunes store. For non-protected music on computer 1 you can just make a back up copy cd then load that cd onto computer 2. For any protected music you would ...
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Created: Sep 17, 2011
i8iphone8i Created: Sep 17, 2011
I can't get my music to transfer from my iphone to my macbook pro? I don't know what to do. Who can help me? Thank you for any help!!!
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Created: May 29, 2011
i8iphone8i Created: May 29, 2011
Plug in your phone, and start Windows Photo Gallery. Go to the File menu and choose import. Choose your iPhone and it will do the rest. They come up in your Pictures directory by default. Just to be clear, iTunes does not do this on Windows.
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