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Created: Nov 16, 2011
magarity Created: Nov. 16, 2011
I can't figure out how to delete all the miscellaney trialware apps from this phone. Neither the phone itself seems to have a menu for managing the apps nor does PC Studio. What's the secret to deleting all the junk?? Along the same lines, how do I set Google Maps as an app that's allowed to access the network? (it keeps asking every second or two if it's OK to access the...
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Created: Sep 23, 2011
magarity Created: Sep. 23, 2011
I have an A667 "evergreen" and it connects to my laptop and new pc studio just fine by bluetooth but when i try to use 'connect to internet' as a modem, it disconnects. It seems to only work as a tethered modem over the usb cable. what's up with that? is there any way to use it as a modem while connected by bt?
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Created: May 7, 2011
magarity Created: May. 7, 2011
Thanks, that did it! Seems to be working just fine; so far I've transferred a picture from the phone to the computer and sent an mp3 and a video to it. The video converter takes quite a long time to run on my core2 quad but the video displays nicely on the little screen after it finally gets there. You have to get a little memory card for it if you want more than a few pi...
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Created: Apr 28, 2011
magarity Created: Apr. 28, 2011
I went through the samsung website's software download center and navigated to the SGH-A667 and there was only a PDF of the manual. There is supposed to be some software called PC Studio, at least the phone offers that as an option when connecting it to the computer. How do I get this PC Studio software? I googled for it and there are a lot of mystery download sites that ...
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