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Created: Dec 18, 2014
Omarc44 Created: Dec. 18, 2014
i had my g3 since it came out and i noticed everytime i would go in a building like gym,sears ,walmart etc signal dissapears and i cant call or text ,I went back to my old att iphone 5 and in the same buildings my g3 also using att network would be searching the iphone 5 has at least 2 dots of signal and calls and data work fine. Is there anyway to fix that on my g3? i don...
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Created: Sep 4, 2014
Omarc44 Created: Sep. 4, 2014
I got the lg g3 when it first came out with at&t I live in los angeles zip 90022 and twice already it has turned on the roaming triangle next to the signal. First time it happend it was last week in the kmart in commerce , i was here with my mom i tried to call her i couldnt because i had no signal i was walking around the store for 10 mins trying to find a signal,i was g...
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Created: Jul 20, 2014
Omarc44 Created: Jul. 20, 2014
i have an iphone 5s on contract and my mom has an iphone 5 on gophone. And we go to san ysidro alot to visit realtives and everytime we go out phones both of em switch to TELCEL . When i had my old iphone 4 i was able to go to network settings and choose att and the phone would stay on att even if the mexican telcel network was available it would stay on att. But on the ip...
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Created: Apr 30, 2012
Omarc44 Created: Apr. 30, 2012
well i ended up buyin it from my friend cuz the phone is practically new he only used it for less than a month . I tried my wifes postpaid sim card from her galaxy s2 and everything worked data, calls etc.I put my prepaid sim card from my thrive first thing i noticed is i get a 4G icon instead of 3G. And calls and txt work fine yay but data DOESNT work at all! And i bought...
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Created: Apr 29, 2012
Omarc44 Created: Apr. 29, 2012
Hi well i have a prepaid LG thrive from at&t which i had for exactly 8 months and it dnt work that great anymore and i was wondering if i were to take out the sim card and put it in an at&t branded motorola atrix 2 that there gonna sell me for 60 bucks in good condition will it work?? Because i have heard that it probably wont work because the atrix 2 is considered an 4G p...
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Created: Mar 9, 2011
Omarc44 Created: Mar. 9, 2011
thanks and yes lol they are selling sim cards at the att website im guessing there not activated? because it says that there without commitment im not sure so ur right im going to have to ask thanks for everything
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Created: Mar 8, 2011
Omarc44 Created: Mar. 8, 2011
hi well i was wondering if anyone knew if u can use a unlocked phone like say the nokia n8 on a go phone plan? Also i checked the att website and i found out they sell sim cards for 5 bucks does anyone kno if u can use those sim cards to use with go phones? Like if i odered one and i activated online can it be used with a go phone like make it prepaid? Also can this work w...
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Created: Mar 6, 2011
Omarc44 Created: Mar. 6, 2011
Hi well I already AT&T I have an atrix on contract. But my friend gave me a att Sony ericsson c905a it's in good condition she only used it for 2 weeks. And I wanted to know if I can walk in to an att store and ask the person that works there to mAke it prepaid? Because my daughte wants it but I dnt wanna add her to my plan cuz I had her before on my contract she had an iP...
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