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Created: May 23, 2011
alex_smith2 Created: May 23, 2011
Im not surprised. I have never had a good experience with customer service, i cant wait to never have to deal with this worthless company ever again.
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Created: May 11, 2011
alex_smith2 Created: May 11, 2011
You think thats bad.... I have been paying 71.96 per month rather than the 46.62 i was promised. The worst part is that I am 8 months into a 12 month internet contract, I am finally paying 46.62, and they refuse to give me my money back for the months I overpaid. Any suggestions for what to do? This company is incompetent. My loyalty to AT&T should be more important than ...
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Created: Jan 29, 2011
alex_smith2 Created: Jan 29, 2011
All right folks heres my problem. I am purchasing internet and tv through ATT. my bill came to 71.96. The deal was that it was going to cost about 5 bucks more if i didn't pay it by 1/26/11. Well, i couldn't pay it by that date so as you would think, i would have to pay a bit extra. I am going to pay my bill now and it says i owe 71.96. There is no indication that I haven...
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