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May 1, 2011
topobbob May 1, 2011
the last week i've have been experiencing randon losses of internet connection. i have old westell modem. the internet light will turn red. wait about 5 min and internet is back. i live in ky and we have had a lot of rain for the last three weeks so i thought it might be weather related. the loss connection has been happening way too much in the last couple days. with all...
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Dec 19, 2010
topobbob Dec 19, 2010
i just recieved a call from at&t/yahoo escalation team. they said yahoo is working on this problem and should have a fix soon. i was given a job ticket # and a phone # where i could check on progress. now that is great service. thanks
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Dec 17, 2010
topobbob Dec 17, 2010
i've had this problem since 11-24. i just registered to post here. my verification email was sent to spam folder. why at&t partnered with yahoo is beyond me. has been a pain. this problem is starting to surface more and more every day. my problem started with contact using insight cable in ky. i use xpsp3,ie8,norton nis2010, at&t powered by yahoo, all-new mail. common lin...
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