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Created: Mar 12, 2013
masslostson124666 Created: Mar. 12, 2013
BMG you are correct we are a legion of loyal users of att products, however att has been keeping this issue pretty well hidden. If it was not for this thread here I would have thought it was an issue on just my phone. and after calling tech support last night and an agent decided to call Samsung and ask about this issue i realize this may not get fixed for many more month...
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Created: Jan 10, 2011
masslostson124666 Created: Jan. 10, 2011
So after seven months updates rolled out to two-thirds of the world and Samsung has no info or a time table when the US MAY receive android 2.2. Hmmm this seems odd us has bought roughly four million handsets of the Samsung galaxy S line phones and they can't tell us what's going on. Stranger then that every update outside the us had an announcement two months before it w...
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Created: Dec 29, 2010
masslostson124666 Created: Dec. 29, 2010
I to am a ATT user in La and I had the same problem and I didn't have to switch my sim card thankfully. The problem was another carriers tower in my area drowning out the ATT signal. So before trying to replace your sim card see if you can figure out how big an area of outage you have and see if there's a cell tower or other communication tower in the area and try to get ...
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Created: Dec 20, 2010
masslostson124666 Created: Dec. 20, 2010
Well lets be honest here everyone wants to make ATT out to be the bad guy in this situation, well guess what they aint the bad guy. The truth is this Samsung doesn't get or understands how to program software for north American customers. And you want know why I know this look at the stories about sprint and the Samsung phones having update failures. Go look at bell in Ca...
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