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Created: Aug 20, 2011
MrCheese! Created: Aug. 20, 2011
Thanks...everything seems to be working!
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Created: Aug 19, 2011
MrCheese! Created: Aug. 19, 2011
I am looking for help setting this up. I have looked at a number of threads on the topic of using another router with the U-verse RG and know this can be done, but I'm unclear on some of the terms used and how they may or may not apply to me, like DMZ, bridging and so forth. I just want my internet to work and to not screw up the VNC connection from my phone to one of my ...
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Created: Feb 18, 2011
MrCheese! Created: Feb. 18, 2011
Thank you for replying. The problem was with both ethernet and WiFi. Fortunately, at some point early yesterday, it just started working again! I was hoping that if I posted the Realtime data, maybe it would show what the problem was...but it doesn't really look any different now than when it wasn't working. These are from when it wasn't working. They're identical now (ex...
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Created: Feb 16, 2011
MrCheese! Created: Feb. 16, 2011
I'm sad to be writing this, since I really haven't had any U-verse problems to speak of. For the past two days, though, the internet has been sub-par, and as I'm trying to put this post together, quite close to unusable. It seems like sites will take forever to get started loading, if they load at all. Then it will be fine, then it will be bad, and so on... If I'm downloa...
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Created: Nov 1, 2010
MrCheese! Created: Nov. 1, 2010
I have been experiencing some wireless slowness since around the time described in this thread . Anyway, I used to get 22-23 Mbps without fail wia wireless on several computers. Now I'm averaging in the mid-high teens. A wired connection shows I'm getting the full speed. I've rebooted and changed wireless channels. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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