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Created: Nov 5, 2009
picric_1 Created: Nov. 5, 2009
Not sure if this suggestion will help. But it is something that I missed. When you are setting up your port forwarding pay attention to the drop down box on the setup page. This is the box that lists your PC names and or IP addresse that are connected to your router. For the port fowarding you have to select the host PC (PC application or game is installed) and then set-u...
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Created: Sep 4, 2009
picric_1 Created: Sep. 4, 2009
Not sure on how you are trying to link and I have limited experience with routers but I always thought you linked (hard wired) routers to your network and then connected to your router wirelessly. Never heard of linking router to router wirelessly. In otherwords I have not heard of it being done I have not experience in knowing if it is possible. Quickest connection I know...
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Created: Aug 18, 2009
picric_1 Created: Aug. 18, 2009
I should know the answer to this question but am unable to figure it out. I am hoping someone can offer the solution. I have sub accounts set-up for my children. When I set these up some months back I was able to edit the email settings as a child account and block all email only to people in their contacts (address book). Recently noticed that this filter is not working ...
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Created: Aug 12, 2009
picric_1 Created: Aug. 12, 2009
I have a DS so I am not sure if the same is true for the DS lite. The only way I can connect the DS is by decreasing the security setting of the RG to WEP. I believe the default setting for the the RG is WPA. WEP is less secure so I never changed it. I guess you could lower the security, connect with the DS lite and download and then change the security back to WPA. From ...
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